5 Ways Coaching Can Support Leadership & Development — Blanchard LeaderChat

“What do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other?”—George Eliot As the world struggles for certainty in this unprecedented time, many are feeling the need to serve others in every way we can. Like most leaders we know, you may be struggling to find the best way to […]Continue reading “5 Ways Coaching Can Support Leadership & Development — Blanchard LeaderChat”

Qualities of a Great Personality — Coaching Skills International

What makes a great personality? It is more than having charm and exuding confidence; for it’s grounded in more solid and lasting qualities. So if you wanted to be a person that others like and love: 1. Exhibit integrity – A person is said to have integrity if what they say and what they do […]Continue reading “Qualities of a Great Personality — Coaching Skills International”

Intimacy Coaching — Christina Kyranis Relationship Coach

A lot of people, both men and women have a belief that physical intimacy and passion dies after a while in marriage or in long term relationships. I try and help them see that this is a limiting belief that prevents them from experiencing true closeness, togetherness and understanding of one another where true passion […]Continue reading “Intimacy Coaching — Christina Kyranis Relationship Coach”